We constantly adapt our activities to meet the diverse challenges of street life. Don Bosco Ashalayam's programmes work holistically to break the cycle of poverty. We have implemented many projects to support children to empower themselves: ​​

Our Projects

Vocational training offers young- sters the opportunity to develop em- ployable skills and gain financial...

residential care

Don Bosco Ashalayam currently manages 21 Homes and 2 Night Shelters in and around Kolkata.

Vocational training
outreach programmes
EDUCATION & health

Often hidden and isolated, needy children can be hard to detect and engage with. That is why outreach programs are so important.

Ashalayam is a respected presence in 18 slums where the NGO has set up non-formal schools and medical care...

research institute

The Child Care Research Institute's aim is to study and spread "best practices" regarding Child Care.