Vocational Training

Vocational training is a pillar of Don Bosco Ashalayam's action. Vocational training offers youngsters the opportunity to develop employable skills and gain financial independence. It helps mitigate the impacts of trauma, and nurtures self-esteem, a strong work ethic and a commitment to becoming a contributing member of society. Paired with access to formal education, this programme is vital to helping people break the cycle of poverty. Discover more about the vocational training opportunities offered by Don Bosco Ashalayam: 

  • The Vocational Training Centre (VTC): training in manual work and handicraft for young men and women. Read more
  • The AshaShop: please visit our shop, in the center of Calcutta to can check out and purchase the handicraft items produced by our young apprentices in the VTC. Read more
  • The Kalyani Farm: an idyllic place for troubled teenage boys to discover nature and learn farming skills. Read more