Don Bosco, our inspiration


- Family reunification: the child can be reintegrated into his family, provided that his or her family offers a secure, healthy and befitting environment

- Individual settlement

- Buying Property: Ashalayam helps the neediest children (especially orphans) to buy their own land and house.


A child-friendly society that offers equal opportunities to all children and in which they can grow up safely and become agents of social harmony.


Don Bosco Ashalayam was created to protect street and destitute children and to empower them to become strong, independent and educated adults. Above all, Ashalayam's objective is to give hope to the hopeless; it's name "Ashalayam", which means "Haven of Hope" in Sanskrit.

Vision, Mission & Methodology


Don Bosco's Six Steps Towards Rehabilitation:

  • STREET PRESENCE: Reach out to children in the street and bring them the support they need
  • WEANING: the children are raised to become respectable and exemplary citizens.
  • GROOMING: Children are taught how to maintain personal hygiene, dress properly and adopt good manners.
  • TRAINING: Children are offered formal and non-formal education as well as vocational training and Life-Skills because we want to give them the best chances to succeed in life. 
  • SAVING: The teenagers are given the opportunity to earn money by learning a trade and working in the Vocational Training Center (VTC). This teaches the children the value of money and hard work. The money earned is set aside until the child is ready to leave Ashalayam and become an independent adult. These savings are tremendous help for these young people to start their new life.
  • HOMING: Ashalayam ensures that children are properly settled and reintegrated into society once they leave Ashalayam. The organization offers them 3 settlement options: