The National Child Labour Projects (NCLP) is a West Bengal government project launched in 2008. The project aims to provide working children with non-formal education, vocational training, supplementary nutrition and medical care. Working children between six and fourteen years old are provided with daily meals and supplementary education courses until they are ready to be enrolled in government schools. As an incentive for parents to enroll their children in the programme, each child receives 150rps per month in a special bank account which can be accessed by the family when their child has successfully completed the supplementary education courses and has joined a public school.

Ashalayam manages five NCLP schools in the Howrah district supporting about 250 working children every year. Children attend then the following schools:
- Janata Adarsh Vidyalaya
- Hafiz Abdula memorial School
- Sanpur Prathamik Balika Vidyalaya
- Salkiya A.S. School
- Howrah Muslim High School

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