The Kalyani Farm


Rehabilitation through farm work

In Kalyani, a small town located in the West Bengal countryside, Don Bosco Ashalayam implemented the Asha Dan Farm. Recognizing that learning comes in many different forms, this project welcomes street children who are unable or unwilling to enter into formal education or the other Street Children Vocational Training Centre options. The boys split their time between the work in the farm and the lessons provided by their tutors. This innovative system help theses distressed teenagers to reconcile with education, learn new skills and find emotional balance thanks to the calming nature of the environnement and the strict discipline. Working on the farm also offers  these young men the opportunity to earn some money and save for their future. 

The farm supplies fruits and vegetables to Ashalayam’s twenty-one homes, allowing young people to contribute not only to their own development but to the entire Ashalayam community. Any surplus produce is sold at local markets. 

The fish, chicken, milk and dairy products produced in the farm are consumed locally by the children of the 3 Ashalayam homes located within the farm's vicinity.