The Child Care Reasearch Institute


Inaugurated in March, 2010, the Child Care Research Institute’s aim is to study and spread best practices regarding Child Care. The project was created by the former director, Father Matthew Chempakatina. The Institute brings together employees from all  of the different projects of Ashalayam (National Child Labour Project, Asha Sishu Sikha Project, Childline, Railway Children Project) so that they can share their knowledge and find ways to make India more child-friendly. 

The numerous students regularly who come to Ashalayam for field studies strongly appreciate the ressources available in the Institute's library. Moreover, seminars are regularly organized  by the Institute to share their knowledge and discuss with NGOs, police forces and other stakeholders concerned by the issues of Child Care and Children's Rights. 

The Institute has recently been sheltering 2 thesis on the topic of childhood: Father Saju, with “Psychosocial problems of physical abused street children” at the University of Kalyani, and Father Georges, with “Need for psychosocial intervention to heal and empower children in street habitat” at the University of Assam. The two of them are also conducting researches about “education backed on students from schools of West Bengal”. In this purpose, they are comparing 3 types of students:

  • students living in a house with their family and going to school
  • students living in a Shelter Home (like Ashalayam) and going to school
  • students living in streets, with or without family and going to school