The AsSP


The Asha Sishu Siksha Project (ASSP) focuses on out-of-school children from underprivileged communities in the West Bengal districts of Howrah and Hooghly. The aim of this project is to help and empower these children by offering them services such as:

  • Non-formal education (NFE): the ASSP program is currently running eleven Education Centres in various slums. Through fun and educational activities, the ASSP teachers awaken the children’s interest for learning. After completion of the NFE course, the children have sufficient knowledge and motivation to be enrolled in a public school. Involving parents in the programme ensures that education is a value shared by all. Thanks to the Asha Sishu Siksha Project, up to 200 children integrate into the formal school system every year.
  • Medical Care: A medical camp is held every month to provide our beneficiaries with basic medication, nutritional supplements and vaccination. When necessary, our nurse refers children to a partner hospital. Over 1000 children receive care at the medical camp every month.

  • Awareness Classes: Raising awareness amongst parents and the larger community regarding  children's health,  child trafficking, child marriage and  and other topics.